Honor Roll

Broad College supporters for the 2013–2014 fiscal year

$1,000 and above

$500,000 and above

Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg


Eli and Edythe Broad

Peter and Carol Walters


Priya Balasubramaniam

David P. and Pamela D. Cosper

Patricia and Scott Eston

Sheri and Mark Hartman and Family In Honor of Jeff Gieske ’78

Michael J. Levitt

Tom F. and Mary C. Weinman


Hugh A. Andrews

Edward and Laura Demmer

William and Linda Demmer

Robert and Paula Driessnack

Richard Faber

Joseph Gatz and Sharon Scott-Gatz

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Huckestein

Ms. Ingrid Saunders Jones

Brian J. and Tiffany S. Van Elslander

William P. and Lynn H. Weidner


Martin Louis Clemens

Marguerite A. Demmer

Jerry and Rose Jonckheere

Alec and Rachel McAree

Barbara and Richard Metzler

Lorelei Maison Rockwell and Wayne Tilton Kennedy


Michael K. and Jaime K. Burwell

Kevin and Jeanine Clark

Mr. Jeffrey S. deGraaf

Mr. Richard R. Fordyce and Patricia A. Fordyce

Jane and Larry Hund

Ronald L. and Marvel C. Jones

F. Edward and Carol J. Lake

Glenn and Susan Schafer

Bud Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Craige L. Stout

Houston Striggow-Susie Cakes

Philip J. Timyan


Brian and Laura Ambrose

Joseph Anthony

Paul and Brenda Balas

John R. Bebes

John A. and Libby M. Belden

William R. Brink

James E. Burba

Keith and Peg Burns

The Chadwick Family

Thomas and Nancy Church

Bill and Sue Ann Crowley

Kristina L. and Zachary J. Dalton

Patricia J. Daugherty, Ph.D.

Randy and Denise Essenberg

Arlene and Irwin Ettinger

Richard L. Evans

Julie Fasone Holder and John Holder

Richard J. and M. Jacquelyn Fineberg

John and Rebecca Flood

Alan and Nancy Gambrel

Mr. and Dr. Gans

Wolfgang E. Giesecke

Joseph and Elizabeth Glynn

Jack and Marlys Gray

David and Sloan Greenspan

Shashikant and Margaret Gupta

Mr. Michael L. and Mrs. Lisa A. Herrinton

Adam B. Hinman

Alexander and Pauline Ho

Jeffrey M. Holycross

Eric J. Homberger and Carolyn Biaiocchi

Dave and Deb Hoogendoorn

Robert and Sandra Jaskolski

Jeff and Christine Kania

Ann J. and Matthew Kelly

Tom and Sue Kirkpatrick

Blake W. and Mary Z. Krueger

Peter and Mary Kurrie

Wayne H. and Terry C. Lobdell

Richard Marciniak

John C. and Christine T. Miller

Scot and Elisabeth Morrison

Linda S. Notarainni

John and Carol Nyland

Edmund and Jane Outslay

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Paterson

Edmund and Jane Pearlstein

Anthony Pecchia

John and Debbie Phillips

Gary J. Sakamoto

Peter J. and Diane Scribner

Robert S. Siegel

Jaime and Aaron Simpson

Jeff and Kristen Smith

The Sokolowski Family

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Spinola

Xing Yuan Sun

Randall and Margaret Tavierne

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Thomas

Stephen and Nancy Vella

Kevin and Leslie Voigt

Michael V. and Mary Anne Wells

Clare M. Willett


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Abrash

Tina V. Aguirre

Richard K. Alejandro

Sally Marakas and Bryan D. Allen

Donald and Shirley Allison

Kristy L. and Matthew D. Anderson

James F. and Patricia L. Anhut

Wallace O. and Janet E. Bailey

Douglas P. Bajor

Tamara A. and Gaylon D. Bancroft

Kenneth Banka and Theresa Kluk Banka

Chad A. Bellville

Thomas and Kathryn Bensh

Susan R. Bennett

Mr. David Bergener

John J. Bistolarides

Carl P. and Barbara H. Borchgrevink

Craig A. and Fail Boros

Paul and Linda Brazda

John M. Breza

Janet L. Brintnall

Erik and Kelly Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Brown

Joan Buchanan

Dan and Cheryl Burdakin

David J. and Kathryn V. Butler

Alan and Amy Campbell

Charles M. Carpenter and Sara Ramirez de Arellano

Douglas R. and Melissa A. Cash

Simon and Sylvia Charles

Robert L. Chatman, Jr. and Roxanne L. Chatman

Daniel and Bette Church

Mark and Peggy Clark

Marvin and Katherine Clark

Kimberly M. Comer-Mulqueen

Terry F. Conley

Larry Cooley

Gary L. and Theresa Corona

Dan W. and Lone H. Darrow

Mac and Helen Dashney

Edmund J. and Laura F. DeAngelis

Alex and Eugenie DeAraujo

James P. DeLapa II and Kimberly S. DeLapa

C. Demlow

Gregory S. Denton

Michael and Sherryl Despres

Thomas and Evelyn DiLisio

Michael A. Dimitrov

Horace A. and Maxine E. Divine

Thomas w. and Nancy L. Doddridge

Patrick and Carole Dolohanty

Glen and Kerry Donovan

Billy and Amy Downs

Tim and Sue Dumond

Ron and Eileen Eckstein

Larry and Anne Edwards

Mrs. Eileen L. Emerson

Gary A. and Susan G. Farha

Richard Farrar

Matthew D. and Nicole M. Fawcett

Raymond W. and Carol Fischer

James O. Fishbeck

Anthony C. and Rachelle E. Flanagan

Don and Bonnie Fletcher

Rob and Kristen France

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Frayer

Dr. Shahriar and Dokhy Ghoddousi

Ryan M. Giacolone

Jim and Melissa Gibbons

Ralph V. and Doris Gilles

James P. Gillis and Alison B. Hooker

Robert P. Goodpaster

Marc and Darlene Gordon

Thomas A. Graham, Jr. and Amy S. Graham

Steven and Marilyn Grant

M. James and Sarah G. Gunberg

Sanjay and Kiran Gupta

George O. Haggard, Jr.

Susan F. and Clifford H. Haka

Eric R. Hall

Harry H. Hallowell

Kevin and Cassie Hand

Gilbert and Susanna Harrell

Eric D. Hassberger

Timothy J. and Jill M. Heffron

Susan M. and William M. Hermann

Philip J. Hickey, Jr.

Mr. Curt Hilliker

Philip M. Hoag

Glenn B. and J. B. Hodges

Karen S. Holden and Dan neely

Trevor S. Holmes

Jim and Anne Holycross

Frederick T. Hondzinski

Mr. Steve Honorowski

Mark and Marcia Hooper

Ryan A. and Lauren Horning

Andrew and Jennifer Hubacker

Douglas E. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Inman

Daniel J. and Michelle M. Jackett

Edward R. and Jeannine W. James

Mary E. Jaye

Enoch and Nancy Jen

Arthur C. and Patricia A. Johnson

David T. and Phyllis A. Johnstone

Krishnamoorthy Ramesh and Maria S. Kang

Michael and Holly Kasavana

Mr. and Mrs. James Kauffman

Brian J. Kelly

Jay and Trish Keranen

Bonnie and Larry Koskela

Henry D. and Lucille Kimpel

John H. King, Jr. and Jane J. King

William and Carolyn Kinney

Geoffrey E. and Dawn M. Kirles

Mark W. Klopfenstein

Randy A. Koning

Jennifer L. and Charles F. Kosal

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Krugh

George and Nancy Krull

Stephen E. La Haie

Mr. Tom LaTour

S. John Lakanen

James W. and Susan H. Larson

Robert and Christine Laux

Duncan and Kathy Lawrence

Craig and Cathy Lazar

Bruce R. Leech

Christina A. and Christopher T. Letts

Jill Dempster Licata

Michael A. Licata, Jr.

Paul E. Lindow

Robert G. Link

Trevor Logan and Maragret Love

Raymond W. and Kim S. Lombardi

Stacy L. and Robert F. Long

David and Deborah MacDonald

Daniel C. Maher

Dr. Lucy A. Maillette

James A. Mallak

Todd Maneval

Michael and Laura Marcero

John G. and Janice Markley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Markley

Matthew N. Mars

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Mason

M.J. Becker

Jacqueline S. and Robert A. Mata

Robert G. and Carol A. May

John McCabe

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCarthy

Melissa L. McClelland

Bruce and Sheryl McCristal

Adam S. and Katherine A. McGaughy

Alexander and Evelyn McKeen

Mr. Richard B. McKeough

Ryan S. Meliker and Tosca L. Dimatteo

Steven and Christie Melnyk

Paul Melville

Jeff and Nancy Mengel

Paul J. Merlo

Ann E. Meyer

Miles W. and Jill A. Meyer

Paul and Olga Miekstyn

Jeffrey L. Miller

John and Pam Miller

Schott R. Miller

William F. Motz, Jr. and Donna M. Motz

Colin G. and Rose Mary Nadeau

Salah Z. Nahawi

Mrs. Donald L. Neebes

Ted K. Neely II

John and Terri Neuman

Jack Ninemeier

Rick and Lori Noechel

Mr. Jay A. Nutt

Brian P. O’Connor

John, Andrea and Sean O’Donnell

Kevin Ohl and Sue Cornell-Ohl

M. Liz Orban

Edward and Pearl Ortner

Charles W. Painter III and Patricia Scollard Painter

Bob and Martha Paler

Jim and Lise Pardikes

Samir J. and Smruti S. Parikh

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pavlak

Todd and Sharon Pawlik

Erik M. Pedersen

David A. and Kay A. Pedersen

Lawrence and Susan Perlin

Elizabeth J. Perry

Tom and Kathy Petroni

Jeffrey B. Pike

Lawrence A. Pociask

Bradley J. and Jaime Podraza

Felix Popescu

Kevin M. and Melissa A. Pote

Michael Pruente, Jr.

James F. Rainey

Lori Raleigh

Christopher J. and Wendy E. Raymond

John T. Ready

Bob and Joni Reinhart

Michael Rennick

Jason J. and Hannah M. Rhodes

Eric and Larissa Ringle

Richard and Marlene Ritchie

Ross E. Roeder

Kathleen and John Roeser

Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Rose

Mary L. Roszel

Richard J. Rouse

Charles and Patricia Roy

Daniel J. Rozema

Geoffrey P. Ryskamp

Grant L. and Debbie Sabroff

Josephine Salmonson

Vallabhajosyula and Rekha Sambamurthy

Armand W. Sawyer

Gerald Schemidt

John E. and Pamela Molnar Schneider

Bennett and Sharon Schwartz

Kelly A. Schwind

Dorothy J. Selinger and L. Michael Moskovis

James and Susan Setas

Ivan E. and Joanna M. Shaw

Mike and Janet Shields

Norimichi Shirakabe

Glenn and Sharon Sidder

Dr. and Mrs. A.J. and Kirti Singh

James and Zoe Gillespie

Matthew and Mary Smith

Mike and Mary Beth Smykowski

Richard L. Snodgrass

Stacy A. and Matthew Snyder

James A. Sorensen

H. Robert Spicher

Paula and Dace Stafford

Ken and Stacy Stanecki

Paul N. and Sara S. Steinfeld

Brad and Cheryl Stevens

Karen S. and Timothy M. Steward

Ryan G. Stonehouse

Robert and Beth Stricof

Brian J. Sullivan

Joe and Sally Svec

Chrissy Lamont Svejnar

Eric J. Swanson and Lisa M. Brooks

Mike and Shelly Swartz

Scott P. and Kerri L. Szalony

Rick and Irene Tanghe

Glenn A. Test

Judy and John Theuer

Bruce D. Thomas

Thomas L. and Janet J. Thomas

Bradley and Susan Thompson

Steven B. Thompson

James D. and Susan M. Tish

Theodore P. Tomaras

Vincent and Julie Tomkinson

Don G. Trabulsy

Mr. Dale W. Tremblay

Tim and Sue Unger

Walter Vallett, Jr.

Jennifer A. Van Dalen

Jason J. VanDussen

Steven J. Wagenheim

George L. and Patricia S. Walsh

John F. and Cathy H. Walsh

Patricia A. Walsh

Tate A. and Andrea Wazenegger

Ken and Mary Weber

Jeffrey F. and Jane A. White

William and Wendy White

Michael and Debbie Wiegand

Roger and Laura Wilkinson

Kenneth and Jennifer Williams

Dr. Eileen M. Wilson

Deborah D. Winters

James and Tracey Wirth

Robert M. and Crystal A. Wiseman

Stuart G. Wolff and Elizabeth A. Wolff

Brent A. and Tara Woodford

Jon A. Woods II and Marcia R. Woods

Robert M. Woolley, Jr.

Jeff C. and Charla M. Yingling

Jeff and NormaJean Zaleski

William A. Zehnder and Karen R. Zehnder

Yu Zhou

Daniel Zittnan

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