Multicultural Business Endowment

Honoring Dr. Ernest S. Betts

A group of committed alumni of Broad College of Business created the Dr. Ernest S. Betts Endowment for Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) to honor Betts, a current assistant dean at the Broad College.

Betts founded the program in 1986 to create a “home away from home” and a circle of support for students in the Broad College. The endowment will provide continued income to fund the mission of MBP to develop business leaders with the multicultural competence needed for a competitive global economy.

About Dr. Ernest S. Betts

Betts has over 27 years of experience counseling multicultural and low-income students. He has established consultancy relationships with Fortune 500 corporations that have resulted in dynamic corporate financial partnerships such as the Summer Business Institute and the Broad Business Student Camp. In 1996 he became assistant dean for multicultural business programs at the Broad College.

Betts developed and facilitated international study abroad programs to Monterrey, Mexico, and Cape Town, South Africa. Through partnerships with corporations and local universities, these programs give students an opportunity to gain insight into global business opportunities, experience the social and corporate cultures of these nations, and enhance their academic knowledge to explore business opportunities around the world.

Multicultural Business Programs: Where Success Begins

For 20 years, MBP has provided individualized academic, career, and personal guidance to students in the Eli Broad College of Business. Every year, the program assists over 700 students of African-American, Latino, Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Caucasian, and multicultural backgrounds.

Through MBP’s comprehensive approach, students develop positive self-confidence; realistic self-appraisal skills; integration between academic and career development goals; commitment to long-term goals versus short-term needs; a strong support network that includes professional advisors, corporate professionals, and peers; and a commitment to community service.

In 2006, the Michigan State University community honored Multicultural Business Programs with the Unit Award: “Excellent Progress Toward Achieving Diversity and Pluralism.”

The benefits of giving to the Dr. Ernest S. Betts Endowment for Multicultural Business Programs are numerous. Your contribution is tax deductible in the United States and a company match will increase your gift. As a donor, you will join the MBP circle of support and make a personal impact on the program’s mission to develop multicultural business leaders who will be prepared to succeed in a global economy.

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