Pavilion atrium

Lear’s $1.5 Million Gift Rallies Employees

Michigan-based Lear Corp. and its employees are giving more than $1.5 million to the Pavilion, and are doing so in a unique, all-in way.

Through the Lear Corp. Charitable Foundation, the company pledged a 5-to-1 match for every dollar any Lear employee gave to the building project. To date, 101 employees have made a contribution.

To commemorate Lear’s generosity, Broad will name the Pavilion lobby Lear Corp. Lobby, which will welcome the thousands of visitors to the state-of-the-art business facility.

Lear + Sanjay
Lear executives and MSU alumni Jason Cardew (left) and Ray Scott (right) helped build awareness of the Business Pavilion

Broad alums Jason Cardew, a Lear vice president, and Ray Scott, Lear executive vice president and president for seating, worked collaboratively with college leaders to build awareness for the pavilion and to maximize the impact Lear will have on business students and the university. Lear’s history of giving to MSU is reflected in the current named career management space, located in the college’s Eppley Center.

“Lear Corporation has a long history of partnering with Michigan State University. Many MSU graduates today have key roles at Lear, many more have benefitted from the Lear Career Management Center, and we are now proud to be investing in the future of the Eli Broad College of Business with a $1.5 million contribution to the new world-class Business College Pavilion,” said Mel Stephens, Lear vice president for investor relations and corporate communications.”

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