Russ and Wendy Palmer

Why We Gave.

Russ Palmer (BA Accounting '56), chairman and CEO of the Palmer Group, former CEO of Touche Ross International (now part of Deloitte), and former dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

"MSU students typically come to our great university for two reasons. First, to gain the knowledge and skills to enable them to continue their progression to a better life for themselves, their family, and society. Second, to find a career that will continue their progression in life utilizing the knowledge and skills they have developed.

At many universities a good deal of effort is spent on disseminating knowledge and other attributes that are necessary and much less effort assisting the students to obtain the best career choice for them to utilize those skills. This is not true at our Alma Mater.

MSU’s new business pavilion at the Broad College will enhance our position to be in the forefront of helping our students to make the right career choice. The new career management center within the Pavilion will offer enhanced state of the art career services. It will provide comprehensive topflight means for students to research areas of employment interests, connect to alumni for advice and access, and direct them to specific companies within their geographic areas of interest. It will provide the means to arrange face to face meetings with representatives of those companies at the Pavilion. It will provide new services to link students to summer internships and study abroad possibilities that will facilitate real on ground experiences to better prepare them for making their career decisions. In other words, this state of the art career center will work more closely with students than ever before to maximize real opportunities and launch successful careers.

Having been the CEO of one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the world, the dean of the Wharton Business School, and heading a private equity firm have made me realize how important choosing a career is in fulfilling a life that is happy, productive, and meaningful both to the individual, his or her family, and society in general."

The Russell Palmer Career Management Center, commemorating Russ (BA Accounting ’56) and Wendy Palmer’s $2 million gift, will house both undergraduate and graduate career services in a centralized space. 

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Dave Frayer

Why I Gave.

Dave Frayer, an assistant dean at the Broad College, began his Spartan journey as an undergraduate. Since, he earned his master's degree and PhD from the Broad College, and is director of the college's Executive Education programs. He serves on the Pavilion planning committee, demostrating his commitment to the Broad College's present, and future.


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Larry and Teresa Gaynor’s gift to the Pavilion pays homage to their personal experiences transforming business. Larry took over his family's local business and by tapping his entrepreurial mindset, transformed it into a global cosmetic distrubutor. With this gift, the Gayors hope to inspire future Spartan entrepreneurs for generations to come.

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