The Business College Pavilion

The new Business College Pavilion will provide a space for students to learn together, from one another, and in ways that will help accelerate and enhance their learning. Modernized features like flat classrooms with enhanced tech capabilities will foster collaboration and innovation, and deliver a space for students and faculty to make an impact.

Changing the Face of Business Education

No two days of learning at Broad are the same, so spaces must reflect the changing needs of students and faculty. No two Broad scholars are exactly the same, so spaces must reflect the diversity of our student population.

Individual quiet spaces, collaboration areas and dedicated team rooms will accommodate students’ changing needs.


Why It's Needed

It’s not just about the curriculum, it’s about the resources and the infrastructure that support it. Students expect that the education they receive at Broad will position them for success in a competitive global economy. The physical university must reflect the elite reputation Broad has built.

Why It's Needed Now

Gone are the days of traditional education. Today, students learn in a fast-paced and creative learning environment where they can solve problems and work together. To keep with the changes and continue an elite legacy, Broad’s future relies on big, bold changes.

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