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Every building tells a story, and the #BuildBroad blog is where you can read the Pavilion’s. The pages of Broad’s new chapter are filled with chronicles of the people, gifts, experiences, and impact behind it, and the community building it. Here, you will get a preview to this chapter.

construction worker

Broad’s Year of Change

From the groundbreaking ceremony in September to steel beams going up in December, 2017 has proven to be a major year of change for the Broad College. Here's a look at the checklist of construction activities, and the time-lapse video to show all of the Pavilion progress since the fall.

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The Business Pavilion: November 2017

Pavilion Represents MSU’s Sustainability Efforts

Plain and simple: Spartans love our campus. The pine trees, the Red Cedar River, and the 5,200 sprawling acres of historic landscape. With a team of Spartans on the Business Pavilion design team, it comes as no surprise that a landscape architect meticulously supervised construction planning to conserve green space and the watershed.

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#BuildBroad Give Green Day Breaks Records!

Give Green Day, MSU’s Giving Tuesday campaign, outpaced MSU’s expectations by raising $583,569 from 3,313 donors on six continents. Broad’s Business Pavilion (or #BuildBroad) project stunned leadership by raising $81,661 in 127 individual gifts – 326 percent of its original goal.

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Reshaping the Learning Environment: Faculty Voice

For impactful faculty of the Broad College, the Business Pavilion represents the "learning community" they value so much. Paulette Stenzel been a faculty member at the Broad College for nearly 35 years, and has wanted a more engaging learning environments for years. Here, she explains why this new enviornment matters in the college -- and in her students' careers.

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#GiveGreenDay Targets #BuildBroad

The Broad College joined MSU's university-wide effort to support Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving that takes place the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (November 28). MSU branded its day of giving as #GiveGreenDay, and set the university's fundraising goal to $250,000 in the 24 hour period. The Pavilion is one of the university's 28 fundraising projects, with its own project goal of $25,000.

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October Monthly Video – Now Live!

The October Business Pavilion monthy video is now live on our YouTube channel (and on the #BuildBroad blog), featuring an update on construction activities, and interviews with our design team from LMN Architects on why this space on campus is meaningful.

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Groundbreaking Album Complete!

At long last and for your viewing pleasure, the complete Groundbreaking photo album is complete and uploaded in the Broad College Flickr site! The album includes highlights from the luncheon, ceremony, and reception. We feel honored to have had so many people celebrating alongside us.

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A Hole Lot of Construction

Looking at the Pavilion construction site today, one might say it looks like a hole in the ground. Well, it is; but, there's a lot of work that went into planning that hole, and a great deal of progress that it represents on our way to building the Business Pavilion. Here's a peek into the big items we've checked off the construction to-do list.